Уважаеми клиенти, Във връзка с въведеното в България извънредно положение поради пандемията от COVID-19, Ви уведомяваме, че въвеждаме дистанционен режим на работа за всички служители на РААБЕ България ЕООД. Нашият офис ще е затворен, но продължаваме да обслужваме Вашите поръчки и да доставяме издания.
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Seminars and trainings

25 000 trained pedagogical specialists, more than 1700 conducted in-home trainings, more than 4500 trained accountants, financial managers and employees in the public sector.

These numbers are just a part of the statistics of our training activities.

Trainings and workshops we offer are practically oriented and are specially designed for pedagogical specialists, principals of educational institutions, accountants, financial and executive managers, employees in the public sector.

The main purpose of all trainings is to meet the needs of every participant and to enhance professional development of every learner.

Our trainers are leading university lecturers and experts who have years of professional and practical experience. They all observe our main principle in conducting trainings – to give less theory but more time for solving problems, practical work and actual answers to set questions.

All of this, combined with the interactive design of our trainings, makes us preferred and reliable partner in this important activity for every employer – training of the team.

If you want to train your team or be a participant in a certain seminar, take a look at our suggestions and upcoming events in the fields of education, taxes and accounting, law and management.

Trust quality, tradition and experience!

RAABE Bulgaria is certified to ISO management system standards EN ISO 9001:2008 in the field of organizing and conducting of seminars and trainings courses.


Trainings for pedagogical teams:

Our training program for pedagogical teams is pursuant to the novelties and trends in the field of education. The training topics we offer aim at enhancing professional development of the teachers and at improving their skills – skills for using interactive methods and tools and for using person oriented approach in their work. For every training we prepare thematic curricula, consistent with specificity of the school and the set requirements. Visit obrazovanie.raabebg.com for details and contact with us.

Internal company trainings:                         

Do you want to train your team in a certain topic or to increase the desire for success? We organize internal company trainings and workshops, which will increase effectiveness, motivation and competences of your employees. For every training we prepare individual curricula, consistent with your requirements and needs of the team. Visit expert.raabebg.com for details and contact with us.

Scheduled trainings:

Do you want to be periodically informed for changes and news in the field of your work? We offer scheduled trainings and seminars in certain topics. Visit our portals obrazovanie.raabebg.com and expert.raabebg.com for the newest offers.  

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