Уважаеми клиенти, Във връзка с въведеното в България извънредно положение поради пандемията от COVID-19, Ви уведомяваме, че въвеждаме дистанционен режим на работа за всички служители на РААБЕ България ЕООД. Нашият офис ще е затворен, но продължаваме да обслужваме Вашите поръчки и да доставяме издания.
За връзка с отдел “Oбслужване на клиенти”можете да ни намерите на: тел.: 0893 444 310 / 0879 545 426 / 0896 669 914; имейл: service@raabebg.com
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RAABE Bulgaria – publishing house for professional literature

издателството за професионална литература

It has never been so easy to find necessary practical comments, advice from specialists or solutions to specific business cases, no matter the field you work in.

The reason is just one – the highest professionalism of the team of RAABE Bulgaria authors, who are amongst the leading experts in the fields of education, taxes and accounting, labor law and social securities, management and public administration.

Thanks to these experts our publishing house is the leader on the professional literature market for seventeen years and enjoys the trust of thousands of subscribers: schools, municipalities, Bulgarian companies and representatives of foreign companies.

If you are not convinced in the advantages of our expert and practically oriented editions, consider our suggestions and decide for yourselves!

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