Loose leaf books

Наръчници с подменяеми страници

The loose leaf book service is a form for publishing thematic and fast-renewing information. This format was invented in 1913 by Richard Etinger.

As he was 19, working as an assistant in a law company, Richard received heavy, but profitable task. He had to publish a book by his mentor and employer “Materials on corporate financing”. He found a publishing house that agreed to publish the issue on credit. The book became so popular that it needed a second edition to be published. Unfortunately, when the second edition was printed, the tax laws changed so dramatically that the book was no longer up-to-date.

Facing this fact Etinger made a revolutionary decision. He cut the pages, replacing the old texts with new and clipped them in stable folders, so that they could be easily replaced. Later he recalled “the idea was to print a book that would always be up-to-date”. Thus the first manual with replaceable pages was born.

Today, one hundred years later, this is still a reliable format, where the information is always up-to-date, no matter if the legislation changes.

Using RAABE Bulgaria’s manuals, you will gain everything you need about a certain topic – expert comments and interpretations of Bulgarian regulations, practical examples and ready to use models for your work, problem solutions and advice. This is the secret of our  loose leaf books. And our advantages are:

  • Expert information – our authors are amongst the best experts and professionals in the country: university lecturers, representatives of ministries and agencies, of National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute and others.
  • Convenient contents that help you easily find the necessary information.
  • Regular renewing of the purchased edition – thanks to a system in which amendments are made only in pages where necessary. Thus you always have the newest and accurate information.
  • Answers to your questions – if you cannot find a solution to your specific case in the purchased edition, do not worry and send your question to us. Every subscriber will receive an answer twice monthly from our experts.
  • Discounts for seminars – every subscriber will receive preferential terms and a discount of 20% from the prices of RAABE Bulgaria seminars and trainings.

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