Corporative Mission

Following the traditions and the standards of the Klett Group, RAABE Bulgaria has accepted the Education as a mission and main business purpose. Our clients are all of those who work in the field of education or who want to increase their skills and professionalism.

Today, in a world of technology and dynamic progress, every professional should constantly develop and continue to learn. Because knowledge and information change so fast, decisions lose effectiveness every minute and developments displace the old ways. This statement refers specially for education that should prepare the tomorrow’s professionals.

Publishing house RAABE Bulgaria has dedicated its activity to the only purpose of becoming a reliable partner in the continuous process of lifelong learning, by issuing practical literature and conducting seminars and trainings for employees in the fields of education, taxes and accounting, human resources, law and public administration.

The quality of educational services for children and adults has the greatest importance for the business, state and population and the investments made in the education return back to society. Faithful to its motto “Together for quality in Education”, we, RAABE Bulgaria, will continue to work harder and to encourage the dissemination of this priceless treasure: the Education.

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