Уважаеми клиенти, Във връзка с въведеното в България извънредно положение поради пандемията от COVID-19, Ви уведомяваме, че въвеждаме дистанционен режим на работа за всички служители на РААБЕ България ЕООД. Нашият офис ще е затворен, но продължаваме да обслужваме Вашите поръчки и да доставяме издания.
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About Us

The principle of “lifelong learning” has recently become the main principle for every professional. This is the only way to achieve high effectiveness and competitiveness, although this principle is sometimes difficult to follow – considering the enormous flow of information and the daily routine in business. RAABE Bulgaria offers to its customers the complete cycle of full information services – a fact that has made RAABE Bulgaria a priceless partner in education and professional development.

Since 1996, when RAABE Bulgaria was established, for 20 years it has been one of the most dynamic developing publishing houses on Bulgarian market. School principals, accountants from public and business sector and managers of companies have trust its quality for years.

RAABE Bulgaria is specialized in publishing professional and methodological literature in the fields of education, law and management, taxes and accounting. The publishing house offers a great variety of more than 40 information products – manuals with replaceable pages, single editions, thematic series, CDs, online editions.

An integral part of RAABE Bulgaria’s activity is the organization and the conduction of trainings and qualifications such as seminars, workshops and conferences.

The main advantage of trainings and editions of RAABE Bulgaria is that they are directed towards the specific wants and needs of the target group – an advantage that makes RAABE Bulgaria preferred by the clients.

RAABE Bulgaria is a subsidiary of the German holding Klett Lernen und Information GmbH, which is part of the publishing group Ernst Klett AG, based in Stuttgart, Germany. The history of the Klett Group dates from 1897 when Ernst Klett and Julius Hartmann acquired a little publishing and printing house. Today the Klett Group has turned from a little family business into one of the biggest suppliers of educational services and resources in Europe and consists of 61 companies at 36 sites in 14 countries, which main business purpose and mission is the Education. The Group companies employ a workforce of 2,878 people and generated a turnover of € 449.9 million in 2013.

RAABE branches in the world:

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